"Touching", "funny", "charming" and "intelligent", our videos have been described in many ways, but the video above gives a good idea of what we actually produce. Each video is as different as the family that we're filming, but the common themes are storytelling, capturing the characters of your family and friends, and making a feel good movie with a guaranteed happy ending.
NB Thom & Anna & friends were very happy chatting to the camera but it's by no means necessary! Many of our clients prefer a less active role in the filming, which is completely fine.
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Who are we and what's the difference?

We're experienced TV professionals who are used to delivering the highest quality programming, often in sensitive situations, with the ability to blend into the background when required, but still capturing the heart of the day, with humour, tact and subtlety. We're proud to have made 2 x programmes that have been nominated for Royal Television Society Awards, and bring that experience of storytelling to your big day.  .......... 
Your very own light hearted documentary

Can you spot the celeb bridesmaid??

You'll see from this taster of Mike and Rachel's wedding video that we produce truly Broadcast quality wedding videos, that capture the excitement, the emotion and the real story of your big day, as only a professional documentary team can.
 To see the full intro section of this video go to the video samples section of this website.

What our customers think of our videos

The video on the right gives an idea of the feedback we generally get from clients. Actually getting on with your wedding video company is an extremely important part of who you should decide to go with. Many thanks to Nick, Philippa and the others who not only asked us to film their wedding day, but allowed us to come back and ask what they thought of the results!
Many couples choose not to be as interactive with the camera as those featured on the site, which is fine and makes an equally great video! We realise that being camera shy is a perfectly normal British thing and totally respect that! Call us for a chat and we'll put your mind at rest.

Public Liability

Public Liability
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