Wedding Videos

Our Wedding Videos are designed to give you the best possible memories of your big day, whether you choose our Wedding Documentary package, which has an element of interaction with the camera on the day, or our increasingly popular “fly on the wall” approach, an extremely discreet wedding video option.

For some, the idea of being in front of a camera is their worst nightmare, and as experienced wedding videographers, we’re very happy to cater to couples who want us to take a back seat and melt into the background. Our job for many years has been to put people at ease in front of the camera, and if you want to be left alone that’s fine with us, but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo a great wedding video. We still use all of our experience to tell the story of the day in an entertaining and exciting way, using your choice of music to add drama and emotion to your wedding video.

In recent years, several Wedding Videography companies seem to be offering documentary style wedding videos, but very few can match our experience, value or enthusiasm in this field.

Our prices start at around £900 for a “fly on the wall” package, lasting approx 45 – 60 minutes, shot and edited using the same equipment we use for our broadcast work. (Mid week discounts may be available).

We’ve made documentaries for most UK terrestrial broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery Networks and MTV. Along the way we’ve picked up 2 x nominations for Best Documentary at The Royal Television Society Awards, and we LOVE wedding videos.

Wedding videography is a very specific skill, based as much on dealing with people, as it is with technical ability. Any Wedding videographer worth his / her salt, should have mastered the basics of exposure and focus many years ago, and that leaves the most important part of any programme making, trust and relationships. Our relaxed, but experienced approach, means we don’t add to the pressure of the day by being “in your face”. We’ve heard horror stories of inexperienced, documentary style wedding video companies, rushing up to guests, with the camera recording, and demanding  “have you got anything to say to the couple?”….  Please rest assured we seek your guidance first of all on what you’d like us to do, and, if requested, we gauge each situation as it occurs, and after we’ve established if the guest is happy to chat, we’ll do just that.

We’re proud to have received a lot of repeat business, in that we’ve been chosen to make the wedding video for several sets of sisters, have had many referrals from friends who’ve like our videos, and even went on to make corporate videos and birthday party videos for some of our couples.  

Finally, whichever style of Wedding Videography you opt for, we wish a fantastic day and much happiness for the future.